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Advanced Merchant Solutions is credit card processing simplified. We cut through the complex pricing and confusing terminology to provide our customers a streamlined experience. Besides traditional processing, next day funding, and an online processing portal, we also offer our customers options such as flat rate pricing and cash discount programs. All of these services are available to AMS customers at industry leading prices and backed by a highly responsive customer service department.

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In keeping with our goal of simplicity, we have made getting set up with Advanced Merchant Solutions a piece of cake. To start, simply email your last three months of credit card processing statements to A member of our team will contact you to discuss pricing, which processing option is right for you, and the implementation process to get your account set up. Once your account is activated, they will facilitate getting your hardware delivered to you, administer training, and continue to serve as your dedicated account manager for all future needs.

Start Saving



Interchange Plus

The traditional credit card processing program, interchange plus customers are charged the base rate credit card fees from Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, plus a fixed fee from Advanced Merchant Solutions. As the underlying card fees increase and decrease, our customers will see their rates move accordingly. This plan puts more control into the hands of merchants, and allows them to fully maximize their savings on credit card processing.


Flat Rate

Don’t like not knowing exactly what your credit card fees are going to be on a monthly basis? Our flat rate processing option gives merchants a standard monthly processing rate month over month. Flat rate processing allows merchants to eliminate the guesswork, set price points with clarity, and better plan and budget their sales.



An innovative new processing option, Edge simplifies things further by taking processing fees out of the equation entirely. As a cash-discount program, Edge allows merchants to incentivize their customers to pay by cash or check by making these their standard payment methods. In the event a customer chooses to pay by credit card, the merchant does not pay processing fees, and the fees are charged directly to the customer in the form of an additional charge on their credit card. Edge has gained considerable traction with merchants that have low profit margin percentages or have higher average-ticket amounts.

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